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Every year 140,000 tourists voyage to the Galapagos Islands, and it is not hard to see why. The islands that were the inspiration behind Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution are nothing short of incredible. The islands give us a glimpse at what natural beauty looks like when undisrupted by the human touch.


What makes the Galapagos Islands special is the restrictions that the government has put in place, including protection policies that date back to the 1930s. Rules and laws dictate that you must travel with a guide when visiting the islands – but it is worth it. Around every corner you might see a giant tortoise, Galapagos sea lion, Darwin’s Finches or the incredible marine iguana – all of which are unique to the island chain.

Beneath the waters of Galapagos Islands lies a world just as astounding as above the waters. Signing up for a Galapagos diving tour will get you the closest to the fascinating underwater sea life. Seals, sea turtles, hundreds of fish species, hammerhead sharks and even penguins are native to the islands and beneath the clear waters. Snorkeling is another way to see your favorite marine animals up-close and nearly every cruise ship offers a snorkeling package. Just walking by the ocean is an occasion to see a large diversity of what divers call “big animals.” It is very common to spot whales, dolphins, and sharks while visiting the Galapagos Islands.


Being relatively undamaged by humans, the awe-inspiring landscapes and unique wildlife of Galapagos Islands is like nothing else on Earth. For information on visiting the islands, I recommend checking out Adventure Associates, an environmentally-friendly tour company which can create a custom Galapagos Islands tour for you.

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