United States Travel

While so many people think that traveling abroad is the only way to go as far as traveling is concerned, these same folks – people who so often extol the virtues of seeing new and different sights – discount just how much this great country of ours has to offer. From sandy beaches to even sandier deserts; from mountains to rivers to deep wavy fields and valleys filled with wild flowers and grasses, and from quite literally one ocean to another, the United States of America offers something for everyone and its landscape is as vast and varied as any country on the globe.

Even though I certainly pride myself on having visited several foreign countries, nations, and other locales abroad I firmly believe that someone should first explore their own country before moving on to visit the rest of the world. As someone who has been to 46 of 50 states as well as several territories (I’m missing just Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, and Louisiana) I feel that I am in the proper position to give this sort of advice. In fact, before you set out to leave this nation ask yourself, what am I looking to find?

More often than not you will find that you can find what you are looking for, and then some, right here at home. If you are thinking of a visit to the deserts of Egypt look no further than our very own Death Valley in Nevada and California; the Painted Desert of New Mexico; or any other number of deserts throughout Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and even Oregon! If you are more into beaches and ocean play than states such as Florida, Rhode Island, California, and most obviously Hawaii might be more your speed and the states of Alaska and Texas, almost small countries in their own right offer more to explore than many of the international destinations so many Americans are eager to visit.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with international travel and keeping in mind that I don’t want to come off as one of those ignorant Americans who ignores the world at large, I am just saying that, while travel abroad might have its place, we should not be so quick as to overlook the amazing people and beauty that our own country can offer us right here at home. All I’m saying is that before we go abroad, we should travel at home first.

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