Tips for Traveling in London England

London has something to offer for everyone whether you are looking for historical landmarks, modern attractions or just want to have a good time. There is literally a never ending list of things to do and see in this cosmopolitan city.

It is easy to get around in London with its fabulous underground transit system called the Tube. The tube can get you pretty much anywhere in the city in a matter of minutes and is reasonably priced, making it a great alternative to trying to brave London’s traffic.

Riding in a London taxi is also a tourist must. They can also be a quick form of transit as taxi drivers normally know the quickest ways around the city during peak times. If you want a more leisurely tour of the city, try a double-decker bus tour. It is a great way to sight-see and is also a big part of London lore.


When visiting all of the numerous famous landmarks and historical sites, it is a good idea to bring along a guide book. It makes the sites so much more interesting if you know what you are looking at. It is also helpful to record all that you see. You don’t want to get home and look at the pictures you took and not remember what you are looking at.

You also want to pack correctly for London weather…which is unpredictable. Depending on which season you are traveling in, it is normally wise to bring an umbrella with you, and a couple of warm sweaters. If you are in London in the summer, make sure to travel with sunscreen and water. Having to purchase water in touristy areas is incredibly overpriced.

It’s a good idea to make an itinerary to ensure you get to see all the major things you want to, but don’t over plan. You don’t want to be rushed. London is a great city to visit. It is especially great during autumn. Hopefully these tips help to get you started.

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