Find Cheap Flights

Plane tickets are expensive. They might not be as expensive as they used to be thanks in part to the poor economy. Now there are too many seats and not enough passengers. Most tickets are 30% cheaper than they were last year. Airlines are closing down routes. They are offering great deals. Now is a good time to fly. To find those great deals, here are some tips that I have found to be useful in search out bargains.

My first advice is to book your flight around 8 weeks before you travel as the airlines know you still have chooses to pick from. As an early bird you can get cheap airfare on your ticket. If you book to soon, airlines know they can charge you a lot because if you need it. If you book really fare in advance, companies might raise or lower fares and they keep fares high in case operating costs go up. So this is one of the best times too book. Use sites like farecast to see if ticket prices are going to go up or down.

Find Cheap Flights

Fly round trip. Round trips are always cheaper if you book round trip. The airline gives a “discount” on these tickets because they know it ensures that tickets are sold and seats are filled. Often times the price difference is not a lot but it is enough to make buying this ticket reasonable. You might even get lucky and find one of these tickets a lot cheaper than a one way ticket. In that case, book the round trip but only use one way portion you need.

If you can you should avoid traveling on the weekends. Most travelers think it is more convenient to travel on weekends so more flying happens on the weekends and airlines increase their prices to reflect the demand. Therefore, the middle of the week is the best time to fly.

Shop Around. Not all websites are created equal and you can find a lot of variety online for the same flight. Make sure you look at all the travel websites, including the airlines, before you make a purchase. Don’t just go with your favorite. If you want to get a cheap flight, you have to visit the various websites.

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